• Houston Social Security disability lawyer explains how to qualify for Social Security disability benefits

    Many of my Social Security disability claimants find the regulations and procedures of the Social Security disability system to be confusing and overwhelming. People who are disabled want help, but have trouble getting it.

    Most disability claims go through three different levels of review by the Social Security Administration. If you are successful at either of the first two steps then you qualify for benefits. However, most people have to go to all three levels.

    There are two important things to remember as you go through this process:

    1. Don’t give up. Just because your claim is denied does not mean that you cannot get disability benefits. It is a long process, but it is worth it to appeal.
    2. Get help from a Texas Social Security disability lawyer. The rules and requirements are too complicated to do this on your own.

    The Social Security Administration’s review of disability claims

    The initial determination
    When you first submit a claim for Social Security disability benefits the Social Security Administration sends your claim to the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, where it goes to the Texas Division for Disability Determination Services. This Texas agency has a contract with the Social Security Administration to make initial evaluations on disability claims.

    If your claim is denied at the initial determination (and most claims are denied at that point) then you may seek reconsideration. However, Reconsideration is also conducted by the Texas Division for Disability Determination Services, and most claims are denied at this stage.

    Appeal to an Administrative Law Judge
    If your claim is denied on Reconsideration then you can appeal to an Administrative Law Judge who is an employee of the Social Security Administration. For most claims, it is necessary to go all the way to this appeal, and then most claims are finally successful at this appeal.

    Get help at any point, and without any upfront fees

    Have you already been denied Social Security disability benefits? We can still help. An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can get involved at any point, so we can help you at any time. If you haven’t started the process, we will help you file a claim. If you already filed and have been denied, we can step in and help you appeal your case.

    We do not charge anything unless and until we get an award of disability benefits for you.

    If you have a disability claim, give us a brief description of your claim using the form on this page. Otherwise, simply email or call us at our Houston office.

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